In the heart of the Mediterranean, touched by the Egadi archipelago, stands Lilybaeum Yacht Srl.The shipyard works with the goal of creating unique pleasure boats.Harmonious design, advanced technologies, high performance and customization are the elements that characterize each of its models.Each boat is made with the highest quality materials, fully manipulated and assembled by expert Italian craftsmen.Lilybaeum boats are designed to experience the sea in style, sportiness and comfort.


A perfect combination of elegance and power, comfort and functionality.The design revolves around performance and technology, to create a unit capable of being distinguished by its beauty and efficiency.The characteristic flared hull and bow lines allow her to navigate rough seas, ensuring a dry deck for the crew and excellent stability.

At 7.90 m in length, Levanzo 25 offers extraordinary deck spaces designed to fully enjoy days at sea.The use of quality materials and finishes, meticulously selected by the shipyard, contributes to making life on board cozy and comfortable.Each Lilybaeum boat is a unique piece, a product of excellence "made in Italy", destined to sail the seas over time.


Use our advanced configurator to create your original Levanzo 25.


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